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It is a medical shampoo containing climbazole which is the most effective substance in the treatment of eczema and intensive dandruff. One of the brands that you can use as dandruff shampoo is Seboderm and it distinguishes it from Climbazol and it is suitable for daily use. So what is Climbazole, why is it important? Let’s see in the article.

Climbazole is an active substance with fungal killing effect. It is the most effective substance used in the treatment of fungi. As it is known, the most important reason of excessive dandruff and oily eczema in the hair is the fungus called malesezia furfur.

If you ask people about dandruff shampoo brand, Pantene and Head & Shoulders will be the first to mention. Both are classified as grocery shampoo in the healthcare area as they are sold in the grocery store. Dandruff problem in the hair is an important problem such as hair loss. Normal and excessive dandruff (Seborrheic Dermatitis) is divided into two, the above-mentioned market shampoo is sufficient for normal dandruff. However, in case of flakes, flakes and itching problems in the head, the market shampoos are not sufficient here and fungicidal medical shampoos are required. Medical shampoo brands cannot be sold on market shelves.

Medical Shampoo

The purpose of the products sold on the market shelves is cleaning and the most special one is the solution to the problem of light bran. Medical shampoos contain scientific substances to treat hair diseases and improve hair quality. For those who have dandruff (Seborrheic Dermatitis), It is recommend medical shampoos as scientific substances, especially Climbazol, Zinc Pyrithione, Kotoconazole and Itraconazole substances are used. Each of them is fungicidal and Ketotonazole is recommended to be used every 10 days because of damage to the scalp. Instead, It is recommended Climbazol, a more advanced substance. It should be chosen shampoos containing Climbazol which are suitable for daily use.

Shampoo with Climbazole Seboderm

Because it is more expensive than ketoconazole and itraconazole substances, Climbazol-containing shampoo alternative is not much in our country. Seboderm Shampoo, which has been sold by Hairpharma in the recent years, can be said to be number one in this field. It contains Seboderm Climbazol, which can only be obtained from the pharmacy and the official sales site of the manufacturer, as well as Zinc pyrithione, also an anti-dandruff agent.

Why Should I Use Seboderm Shampoo

Its main ingredient is Climbazol and it shows its effect against normal and excessive dandruff problem from the first use. Thinning of the scalp, such as ketoconazole, does not cause inflammation and irritation. Seboderm cleansing agent (Sodiumcoco ampho acetate) is used for both daily shampoo and dandruff solution, while others are recommended to use at 10 day intervals due to side effects. In other words, seboderm shampoo alone is sufficient and without needing to use any other product for cleaning purposes.

Improves and Moisturizes Hair Quality

The shampoo contains the first and only Climbazole in Turkey, success is not limited only for dandruff. When we look at the content of seboderm, there is Provitamin B5 for improving hair quality and Pentavitin which is used to prevent hair dryness. Similarly, Alpha fluor buddleja is used to correct the damage to the scalp caused by the fungal problem in the head. Finally, with Polyqurtinium 10, it makes your hair softer and easier to comb and take shape.

How Much does Seboderm Cost

Mushroom dandruff shampoo brands such as Ketoconazole (Konazol, Ketoral, Nizoral) brands such as 60-100ml produced while Seboderm Shampoo 250ml bottle provides months of use. It is easy to get current prices from the official sales site of the manufacturer.

Who is the manufacturer of Seboderm

The owner of the product is Hair Pharma and it is one of the most reliable brands in the last 10 years. Brands such as Xpecia and Hair Forte, which are developed against hair loss problem, are among the most used products and at the same way, they provide free hair analysis in many cities, especially in Istanbul, and enable people to be informed about hair health.

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