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It is recommended for excessive dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis of the hair and scalp. It contains TTO (tea tree oil), which is obtained from tree species growing in Australia. Its rich content provides support in the treatment of problems of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Sci


It is a medical shampoo containing climbazole which is the most effective substance in the treatment of eczema and intensive dandruff. One of the brands that you can use as dandruff shampoo is Seboderm and it distinguishes it from Climbazol and it is suitable for daily use. So what is


Although the most common treatment of hair loss is sprays, the most effective treatment is treatment with tabler. Xpecia tablets are the richest of drugs developed for the treatment of hair loss and are the most frequently prescribed for dermatologists. Genetic shedding is the most co


Even though Sawpoo can be used for all sorts of hair problems, it has been developed mainly for people who face loss of quality, such as genetic hair loss, breakage, bifurcation and dulling. This shampoo intensively contains biotin and DHT (di hydro testosterone) hormone, which allows


Innovation in the treatment of ringworm SADBE It is the most effective substance developed for ringworm. As it is known, the ringworm is a disease that occurs when the substances produced by the body against the hair follicles (follicle) kill the root, that is caused by the wrong form


Postop Hair Transplant Cleaning Although we are trying to give information about hair health, hundreds of thousands of people face the problem of baldness due to failure to take the necessary measures on time. In men, the loss of hair follicles as a result of genetic shedding now whic


Hp Biotin is the only biotin brand produced in 5 different forms. The cumulative pharmaceutical company in the development of hair products are manufactured by Hair Pharma Turkey. Biotin forms produced by Hair Pharma; 1 mg, 2 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg tablets and 1.25 mg syrup. Biotin Usage Are


It is a medical pill produced to treat hair problems while menopause. When examining the content of the medicine, it is seen that there are products that can be effective in cases such as hair loss, brittle teeth, whitening and shining. Keratin and L-cystine were generally used for th
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95% of hair loss in men is caused by hereditary (AGA) that familial to hair loss. The only known cause of hereditary hair loss is the hidro Di hydro testosterone (DHT) ”hormone originating from the testosterone male hormone. The DHT hormone causes the cells in the hair follicle to dim